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The World Island Project
Born out of the vision of his Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Minister of Defence of UAE, and property developers Nakheel Properties, The World Island Projet will be the worlds largest development on a man made island. Located in the Arabian Gulf off the coast of Dubai, it will be the first development of its kind.

The World Island lie approximately 3.16 km away from the Dubai shoreline. An icon of ambition and vision, World Island is an archipelago of 300 islands off the coast of Dubai, UAE, clustered in the shape of the worls map.
The Australian Islands
he Australian Islands lie northeast to one of the major points of the entry in the The World Islands. It lies approximately 4.5 km north of Dubai’s shoreline and it takes approximately 10 minutes to reach by ferry. The Australian Islands in comprised of 14 islands and includes New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Tasmania. The islands cover an area of 393,800 sq meters (39.38 hectares). The smallest island is Tasmania (1.9 hectares) and the largest is Adelaide (4.5 hectares). Overall size of The Australian Islands is a manageable cluster and therefore allows for the development of a well-integrated concept. It can also be considered to have one of the best location in the World Island as compared to the other island, as it will
Have easier accessibility
Provide panoramic views of Dubai’s coastline
Provide views of the sunset and sunrise.
Provide views of the other island of The World Island.


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