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Direct Investment

The company has exerted remarkable efforts in concentrating its activities in the core of direct investment, either through participating in physical companies or by launching investments’ funds and tools; It has always benefited in this regards, from the rich diversification of sectors given by its partners.
OQYANA is one of the leading projects that ADEEM was active in. The project is embedded in World’s Islands project in U.A.E. it emphasizes company’s strategy that aims at developing giant projects. The project gathers 20 islands with a total space of around 420.000 square meters. It offers 2000 residential units among which are villas, houses, hotels and health resort that is additional to a Marina of 1500 boats capacity. It’s considered as unique among others in World’s Islands; it provides all comprehensive services and residential areas. The total project’s cost reaches 4 billion dollars.
ADEEM has as well contributed in selling and marketing around 80% of Stehwaz holding capital, of 800 million dollars value. It targeted out to gather strategic investors. Stehwaz is classified among few other companies in local and regional markets, as specialized in possessing and merging promising companies; those that are qualified to be listed in stock markets. ADEEM has played the consultant role upon listing CRC after it was bought for Al Dar, where its stocks were listed in KSE after the full restructure and capital’s increase of the company.