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Company Profile

ADEEM, established in 2005, is a distinguished family investment house that has grown from the amalgamation of significant business interests in Kuwait. The origins of these interests trace back to the early 1700s, coinciding with Kuwaits founding. ADEEM has emerged as a dominant force in private equity within the local market, further solidifying its stance through the development and introduction of innovative investment and Islamic finance instruments. Notably, the "ADEEM Convertible Sukuk" stands as a testament to their ingenuity, being a patented invention and intellectual property registered in the United States.

The companys triumphs are attributed to its team of seasoned investment professionals, backed by an expansive network and robust relationships. ADEEMs investment strategy is meticulously crafted, focusing on diversification across various sectors and regions to mitigate risks. This approach underlines its ambition to become a pivotal player in regional markets, identifying and engaging with burgeoning markets. A significant stride in its journey towards global recognition is the establishment of an exceptionally competent Wealth Management division, a rarity in privately held entities in the region.

By February 2020, ADEEM transitioned its business model, evolving into a holding investment company, marking a new chapter in its ongoing story of growth and innovation.